The D’Aguilar Pub’s
History & Heritage

Tales Through Time

D’Aguilar is a sleepy village north west of Brisbane, an easy weekend drive off the Bruce Highway and perfect for a day trip heading to some of the most scenic national parks the South East has to offer. In 1827, D’Aguilar was named after Sir George D’Aguilar, a military officer who wrote the army textbook at the time, serving under the Duke of Wellington. The original lands were blanketed with dairy farms and fruit orchards, many of which remain. Today, you can still step back in history at the historic D’Aguilar General Store, and of course, the best watering hole in the district – The Dag Pub.

Where It All Began…

The D’Aguilar Hotel… has had a long history, commencing originally at Paddy’s Pinch, situated at the foot of the D’Aguilar Range.

It was originally called the “Bushman’s Arms” with William Tracey as the first licensee.

In those early days, the Bushman’s Arms was a popular stopover for coach travellers before the hazardous journey up the big hill to Woodford or Kilcoy.

When the railway line was constructed in 1909, business at the Bushman’s Arms, fell off dramatically, so in 1911, it was decided by the publican at the time, James John Casey, a Boer War Veteran to move the hotel lock, stock and barrel up the D’Aguilar Range to its present site opposite the D’Aguilar Railway Station.

Story has it that Kieran Cash and Dave Hennessey were the first to drink at the D’Aguilar Hotel after its removal from Paddy’s Pinch. They camped all night on the veranda until it opened so they could be first in.

Though the line closed in 1964, The Dag Pub has been a popular meeting place and watering hole for locals from D’Aguilar, Mt Mee, Wamuran, Woodford, Dayboro and Caboolture ever since as well as a great weekend destination for grey nomads, travellers and city folk from Brisbane and beyond.

It has the air of a typical country hotel. The D’Aguilar Hotel like many country hotels has changed a lot in appearance over the years. Those large open verandas have been enclosed to provide more space in the main bar area. Also, the Billiard Room at the side of the hotel where many a disagreement was settled went many years ago.

In approximately 1987, the hotel was used as an “extra” in a film called “The Surfer”.
The hotel has not only been a meeting place for thirsty travellers and locals but also a place where many social events have taken place. Among them is the regular Tuesday night, Darts Night where up to 24 men and women compete. Other events have included boxing matches and live bands. The D’Aguilar Hotel has also supported the school by giving proceeds gained from the lucky number tickets.
In December 1991, the owners at the time, Keith and Anne Shoebridge built a large Drive-in bottle Shop and Liquor Barn thus ensuring that the D’Aguilar Hotel will be in operation for years to come.


Open 7 Days


The Dag Pub is renowned for its steady line-up of awesome live entertainment.

With rock bands and blues artists frequenting The Dag, the Friday night sesh has become the place to be.

The Dag Pub Today

Now sporting a drive thru bottle shop, detached motel, and large entertainment venue and pool room, The Dag Pub has recently been fully refurbished, and is a great venue for live music, attracting great rock and blues musicians to the area. It’s become a destination for Sunday Afternoon Sessions with city folk after quality music and ice cold drinks with some good pub food.

Country Hospitality
At Its Best!

The Dag is a country pub steeped in history and tradition, where it’s cool to be a bit “old school”. Known for it’s great food and warm country hospitality, owner Jim Mitchell or “Cricket” to his mates, celebrates The Dag’s proud history throughout the venue with memorabilia and those famous Beast heads mounted on the wall throughout the venue. There’s a story behind every one of them, but you’ll have to drop by for a drink with Cricket and his daughter Dana to find out more. But do behave, or you might end up chained to the Bear!